25 martial artists motivational quotes

Jiu-jitsu martial arts quotes

Martial arts have been around for centuries, and throughout that time, many great martial artists have shared their wisdom and insights on the practice. From Bruce Lee to Rickson Gracie, the following 25 martial arts quotes from martial artists capture the essence of the martial arts, from the importance of discipline and hard work to … Read more

Best 100 motivational and funny Jiu Jitsu Quotes

Jiu-jitsu quotes

Best motivating and Funny Jiu Jitsu Quotes Martial Arts ShopperPaul is a 44 year old Online Marketeer and Dad to a beautifull daughter who started Judo and Japanese Jiu Jitsu. After a few lessons Paul joined a class where the parents where allowed to go on the mat with the kids. Since then Paul is … Read more