Why I started Martial Arts Shopper.com

The passion started when my daughter joined Judo and Jiu Jitsu after I noticed that she could use a boost in self confidence. So after taking a free practice lesson at the dojo in our town we instantly where amazed by how much fun she had and how much she liked it.

In school she was gaining confidence and also the bullies seemed to stay away all of a sudden.
After a while there was a parent kids training at the dojo and of course I couldn’t refuse.

So I got myself a gi that was way to small and joined her practice session.

All I had to say after that was…….. Nothing… I was absolutely wrecked

After gaining my breath again I had a new respect for the kids and decided it was time to get my 44 year old body back into shape.
Not only for my health but also to be able to defend myself against my own daughter Mila 🙂

Because I got fascinated by jiu jitsu and have been a martial art enthousiast all my life I decided to create this website where I post articles about all the stuff you run into when starting martial arts.

Like how to buy a gi that does fit

Or why do you need a mouth guard.