6 Best MMA Cups & Groin Protectors – Keep Yourself Safe During Training

6 Best MMA Cups & Groin Protectors –

Keep Yourself Safe During Training

MMA is becoming increasingly popular, and with its rise in popularity comes the need for reliable protective gear. When it comes to groin protection, investing in a good cup or groin guard can mean the difference between comfort and injury. Here, we have rounded up the best seven MMA cup and groin guards to help you stay prepared for competition.

Reviews of the 6 Best MMA Groin Protectors

With so many different brands and models of groin protectors available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. We have reviewed each of the seven best MMA groin protectors so you can find the one that has the features, comfort and protection you need. Read on to find out more about the best groin guards to keep you safe during training.

What to Look for When Buying an MMA Groin Protector

A good MMA groin protector should give you both protection and an unrestricted range of movement. It should also be comfortable for long training sessions. The kinds of features to look for in a groin guard include anatomical shape, breathable fabric, adjustable straps, secure fit and impact resistant elastic material. With so many options available, finding the right one can be overwhelming but with these recommendations in mind, it’s possible to find the perfect protector for your needs.

Benefits of Using an MMA Groin Protector

Having the right MMA groin protector can help protect your most sensitive parts during sparring, so you don’t suffer any nasty knocks or bruises. High-quality protective gear is an essential part of injury prevention in contact sports such as boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. A groin protector also offers improved comfort, as it absorbs impact and wicks away moisture during training sessions. By wearing a suitable protective guard, fighters will be able to perform at their best and feel more confident in the ring.

FAQs About MMA Groin Protectors

Having the right questions answered about MMA groin protectors can help ensure that you buy the best protector for your needs.
Some common questions include:
What type of material should I look for in a groin protector?
Is there a difference between male and female groin guards?
How often should I replace my groin guard?
How do I size my groin guard correctly?
Answering these FAQs can help fighters make informed purchasing decisions, so they are safe and prepared during matches.

In Conclusion

When you’ve answered the questions above and selected the appropriate groin protector, you’ll be able to hit the mat with confidence. Keep in mind that MMA groin protectors can provide an extra layer of protection in an already dangerous sport. Make sure to also practice basic safety protocols and warm-up appropriately before each match. If a groin protector doesn’t fit correctly or feels uncomfortable, consider looking for a different one so you stay safe and perform at your best!

Top 6 Groin protector Cups

1. Diamond MMA Cup & Compression Short System

Advantages,Provides an entire system, built to maximize comfort throughout.,True to size with unparalleled support.,
Drawbacks,Higher quality comes at a higher price.,
The Diamond MMA Compression Short System earns our top choice for several reasons. It’s one of the very few groin,
design specifically for the MMA athlete. The system provides compression shorts with an integrated jock strap and cup. There is no other cup as comfortable to wear as the Diamond, and some have even said it’s like your junk isn’t even there when you get hit. What more can you ask for from a groin protector?,
The system uses a four-strap jock system, sewn into the compression shorts to keep the cup in place. The cup itself has a polycarbonate core combined with a co-molded elastomer rim design that keeps the cup in place and limits the amount of digging and chaffing found in lesser models. Most have found this system to be extremely positive in their training. They have less adjusting and peace of mind.,
Over and over again the fact that this a system designed specifically for fighting shines through, in part because of the comfort, but also because of the protection provided from direct hits. Many people find out the hard way, buying a Diamond MMA Compression Short system after taking a hit while wearing other cups and realizing they had inadequate protection.

Diamond MMA Cup & Compression Short System

Last Amazon price update was: July 17, 2024 3:30 pm

2. Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0

Advantages,Minimalist design with staying power for the cup.,Can be worn with compression shorts or without.,Especially popular with Kick Boxing and Krav Maga.,
Drawbacks,Requires some assembly and adjustment to fit properly.,
Designed to become unnoticeable and non-distracting during fighting this protection, it was created by Swedish martial arts Olympians and provides a more high-tech version of the traditional Thai fighting cup. A more minimal design, without built-in compression shorts, the cup promises the patent-pending protection of a specially designed cup while minimizing straps.,
Like the Diamond MMA brand, reviewers were all very pleased with the protection provided, although it does seem that not all prefer the fit. The comfort of the more minimalist style seems to be a matter of personal preference, although the Lo Bloo allows the wearer to use the cup over boxers, briefs, under your MMA shorts, or over bare skin. Still, more mention bunching issues than with the Diamond system. There are a lot of Krav Maga users who speak very highly of this model.

Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0

Last Amazon price update was: July 17, 2024 3:30 pm

Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 on Amazon

3. RDX Groin Guard

Advantages,Most affordable, providing an entire system for under $30,
Disadvantages,Cup and strap do not separate, so not machine washable.,
The RDX Groin Guard provides protection at a very low price. It does so by offering a fairly basic model. Many people compare it to wearing a baseball style cup, and some prefer that fit. Whether it is because of anatomical differences or just personal preference, there are some who find this cup more comfortable. The strap itself is based on the basic jockstrap model, but has wider, leather-style fabric holding it in place. There are a fair number of reviewers who do not enjoy fighting in this style, often because they find the cup design cumbersome. What the RDX does offer is protection, so if the product price is your number one factor, it could be a great choice.

RDX Groin Guard

Last Amazon price update was: July 17, 2024 3:30 pm

RDX Groin Guard Youtube Review

4. Title Gel Elite Groin & Ab Protector

Advantages,Extremely light-weight, with abdominal protection.,Excellent choice for those who prefer gel-molded models,Great for boxing.,
Drawbacks,The fit is rather specific, and if it isn’t right for the individual, it won’t work.,
This model from Title offers great groin protection for those who prefer the lightweight feeling of gel models. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the protection is limited to gel inserts. As boxing-oriented protection, while it is made to protect the groin area, it is not specifically created for a sport where hits to the groin are to be expected as an everyday part of practice. This means that if you do prefer a gel style, you should carefully evaluate your activity to determine if it will indeed provide enough protection

Title Gel Elite Groin Protector

Last Amazon price update was: July 17, 2024 3:30 pm

Title Gel Elite Groin & Ab Protector

Title Gel Elite Groin Guard Youtube Review

5. Lo Bloo Aeroslim – Best Female Groin Protector

Advantages,Designed for the specific groin protection needs of women,Same thoughtful, fighting-inspired design as the Lo-Bloo Thai Cup 2.0,
Disadvantages,Requires some assembly.,
Groin protection for women does not offer the same range of choices as are available for men. But that doesn’t mean women don’t need to protect the area as well. Fortunately, for women fighter, Lo Bloo has used their considerable design talents to create a model that is specifically suited to the female anatomy.,
The Aeroslim is a little flatter shaped and wider at the top for more pelvic protection, and narrower at the bottom for maximum freedom of movement in the thighs. The protector is made from impact resistant polycarbonate and has a lifetime guarantee against breakage. With all that protection, you might think it’s too bulky, but the opposite is true. Women who wear the Loo Bloo Aeroslim love the minimalist design and barely there feel.

Title Gel Elite Groin & Ab Protector

6. Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Cup

Advantages,Very popular flex athletic cup, used in a wide variety of sports.,
Disadvantages,Cup only, you’ll need a jock or compression shorts.,Questionable protection when used in MMA.,
Using both metal and gel and combining them in a specially designed form that is meant to maximize comfort has created these cups that have become extremely popular. Again and again, the shock doctor is celebrated for the comfortable experience it provides. But the main question is whether it provides enough protection. It definitely provides solid protection, but for those who want to be able to keep fighting immediately after taking a direct hit, it may not be enough. Some use a combination of Diamond and the Shock Doctor depending on whether they are sparring, fighting or practicing, and many have used the Shock Doctor in the Diamond jock strap.

Compression Shorts vs Jock Straps

Jockstraps have been around the longest, but compression shorts with cup holders have become increasingly popular. Compression shorts don’t have the straps that can ride up, dig, and chafe. Compression shorts will also allow the cup to stay in place yet still move a little, meaning you have a full range of motion. One final benefit is you can buy your favorite compression shorts with a compartment and pair it with your favorite cup.

Propper Sizing

Proper sizing is an important part of proper groin protection. It’s definitely a case where snug is good. You want it to be tight, but also comfortable, while not restricting movement.,
The sizing generally goes by waist size, and if your proportions are generally an outlier for your waist size, you’ll want to spend some time reading reviews for the fit experiences of people with body types similar to yours.

Plastic vs Metal Cup

Most of the time, plastic is plenty of protection. However, for some fighters, plastic is not enough. Metal cups are for instances with extremely heavy sparring, such as occurs in Muay Thai. When regular direct hits can be expected, then metal can be a good choice, otherwise, don’t worry and go with a good plastic cup with quality cushioning.

Why So Much for a Cup?

Groin protection isn’t really just a piece of plastic and a strap. That plastic must be shaped in just the right way, combined with gels and fabrics in order to minimize chafing. If a cup is too uncomfortable, no one will wear it, providing no protection at all. By investing in a high-quality groin protection system designed specifically for MMA (our recommendation is No products found.), you’ll be giving yourself the best protection: one that is comfortable enough to protect you every day.

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